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Doctor’s recommendations: Recommendations provided for leading doctors in respective field, easing the process of selection for patient and party. This entails a faster ailment identification and effective commencement of treatment.


Doctors appointment: Once the doctor is confirmed, Uposhom will work to get the doctor’s appointment and also escort the patient to the clinic.


Ambulance: Ambulance service with critical care amenities for patient travel from patient’s entry point in Kolkata to the hospital/nursing home.


Post-operative care Support: The patient will be provided with support from Uposhom during the days following operation / surgery such as visiting doctors with reports, medicine procurement and feedback to patients


Extra assistance for physically challenged: Extra care and assistance for the physically challenged / differently abled


Private nursing attendance on request : Private and special care nursing attendance can be availed by the patient on request basis


Follow up: Travelling for routine post hospitalization reporting or for other issues within a few days is hectic and expensive. Hence Uposhom will take care of the follow up procedure. Video conference, online chat etc between Doctors & patients can be arranged






Ticketing (Bus, Air, Rail): Uposhom will take care of Ticketing arrangements for the patient and party entailing a hassle-free travel


Travel Services: Tour and travel in and around Kolkata and across West Bengal for patient/party can be arranged if the party so feels as per their schedule


Station / Border Checkpost / Airport pick up & drop off: Uposhom will welcome the patient / party and see-off at Station / Border Checkpost / Airport.


Accommodation: Accommodation will be arranged for patients and its family by Uposhom according to their needs and choice. There are plenty of options of accommodation at convenient locations and comfortable prices.


Transportation: Local travel and transportation services will be arranged by Uposhom

SIM Cards: SIM card procurement for patient/party travelling in India will be processed


Bilingual Interpretation: If need be, language interpreters are also provided

 Guide: Guides for travel in cities for the patient and family